Share a generous act that you did to a complete stranger.


It was a rest day from work when my friend and I went to the nearest mall to just chill out and enjoy the day. We were strolling, admiring dresses we’re never gonna be able to afford and gawking over guys, when I noticed this old lady almost inching with her steps carrying a tray full of food. She looked aged, with a head-full of white hair and trembling hands. At once, by instinct, I rushed to her and gently took the tray from her grip.

“Please let me take this for you.” I boldly said, no chance of refusal available.

The old lady looked surprised then thankful. She led me back to her table and there I saw what seemed to be her daughter, probably in her forties, sitting comfortably on her chair playing Candy Crush Saga on her iPhone. She looked surprised as well when she looked up, wondering who I might be. The first thing that came into my mind was this:

Why did you let your sixty year old mom carry your food while you’re just sitting there looking healthy and well?

But who am I to judge, I reprimanded. So instead of giving a menacing look to the daughter, I placed the tray properly on the table and faced the old woman. She thanked me repeatedly and I brushed it off with a sincere smile.

“It’s nothing, grandma. You’re welcome.” And with a nod, I rejoined my friend.

It pains me to see an elderly struggling with a tray full of food while her daughter, who’s years younger than she is, just sat there playing a game on her phone. It seemed to be like love taken advantage from – but I couldn’t be too sure. Maybe the old lady insisted on doing it, but it doesn’t mean that the daughter should have gave in to that. Anyway, helping grandma sure made me feel so good about myself. The feeling of helping someone you don’t know can bring a kind of joy beyond any word you can utter. It’s just indescribable.



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