Okay, to be honest, I’m a baggy-tshirt, denim jeans and sneakers kinda gal, but due to some occupational hazard, I learned the art of corporate attire for work. My daily outfit would be a blouse, slacks and some high pumps to finish the look. I’m not that fond of accessories but from what I learned, they can sometimes be necessary.

But my real outfit would look like this:

I can be very weird and unique when it comes to outfits. Whatever I want to put on, I will put it on. And my outfits involve overlarge or layered shirts, high knee-socks and high-heeled shoes. Sometimes they look KPOP-ish, with all the bright colors and designs, I don’t know because I’m not much into labeling. Anyway, something my outfit can’t exist without would be my glasses. I rarely use shorts too, unless I’ve got some leggings or stockings on. I have huge legs (thanks Dad for that kind of gene) so I want to hide them under brightly-colored or denim pants.

By the way I am very fond of my jackets, sweatshirts and hoodies. I prefer them a lot so I’m more of a rainy-person than the one who loves the heat. Since I was a bit overweight before, sleeveless or spaghetti-straps doesn’t look good on me at all. I wasn’t comfortable wearing them so eventually I threw them out of my wardrobe. What stayed where the long and thick hoodies and sweatshirts which I love to pair with black leggings. They say it’s too Korean, but I’ve been wearing that even before KPOP phenomenon started.

Mostly, I’m more after comfort than vanity – but a girl has to be a girl. There would always be days that I’d like to look girly and glam which I cannot fully take out from my femininity. I may not know a lot about fashion but I know what looks good or not. All in all I would say that my outfits aren’t that flashy but I always make it sure I look presentable and I feel comfortable in it.


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